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  • Reading for Gist 

    Pakpahan, Carolina (Perkumpulan Rumah Cemerlang Indonesia, 2023-06-01)
    Gist is the overall meaning, the core idea, of a spoken or written discourse. When taking a quick look at a written text to establish its genre and the main message its writer means to get across, we're reading for gist. ...
  • Modul Pengantar Pendidikan 

    Pakpahan, Carolina (2023-02-01)
    Manusia merupakan subjek dari pendidikan dan merupakan sasaran dari pendidikan. Manusia dikaruniai potensi-potensi yang perlu dikembangkan agar terealisasi dalam kehidupan. dalam mengembangkan potensi-potensi yang dimiliki ...

    Pakpahan, Carolina (2023-02-01)
    In the world of education now, of course, students or students are required to always have an opinion, especially in the world of politics, they are required to think critically to add new insights that might be needed in ...
  • English For Public Speaking 

    Pakpahan, Carolina; Putro, Hendro Siswoko (2023-02-01)
    Public speaking refers to the act of delivering a speech or presentation to a live audience. According to Mufanti et.al., (2017:1) “Public speaking is oral communication spoken in front of large people that combines the ...
  • Modul English Drama Perfomance 

    Pakpahan, Carolina (2023-02-01)
    Literature, in a broad sense, means compositions that tell stories, dramatize situations, express emotion, and analyze ideas. Since drama or play meets those characteristics perfectly, it becomes one of the literary genres ...

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